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Breast Augmentation Procedure Scottsdale

Published on October 18, 2019

Breast Augmentation Procedure is performed to enhance the size and fullness of the breasts. Many women wish they had larger breasts either because they feel their breasts are disproportionately small for their figure, or because their breasts have decreased in size over time after weight fluctuations, or pregnancy and nursing. The Breast Augmentation procedure is performed under either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia with an incision that may be made typically in one of three places: around areola (periareolar incision), in the crease under the breast (inframammary incision), or in the armpit (transaxillary incision). The incision decision will depend on patient and plastic surgeon preference and the type and size of implant being used.

Next, the implant may be placed either under the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle—again this is a matter of personal preference and your plastic surgeon’s recommendation. Breast implants themselves are either filled with a saline solution or a silicone gel and come in a variety of sizes. If you are interested in learning more about the breast augmentation procedure and recovery process, and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Daiza today.