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Breast Reduction — Incision Techniques Scottsdale

Published on August 9, 2019

Breast reduction in women is a common procedure designed to resize and recontour the breasts to be proportionate with the rest of the body. Dr. Sumer Daiza usually takes on breast reduction patients who are experiencing pain associated with heavy breasts, but the surgery also comes with the dual benefit of improving appearance.

Though there are several incision techniques available for a breast reduction, the most common technique is the anchor incision, which is a subset of the pedicle method. The pedicle method reduces the volume and reshapes the contour while preserving breast function and nipple sensation.

The anchor technique refers to the incision pattern, which takes on the shape of an anchor.

For more information about the available breast reduction options offered by Dr. Daiza, contact our Scottsdale office to set up a consultation.