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I thought to myself “this lady is amazing!

Published on January 15, 2019

After having a breast lift and implants done by a Scottsdale plastic surgery, I was traumatized! This doctor had done implants on someone I know and they look nice but they are large! In our consultation I told him I like my size 34D’s and really wanted a breast lift only. I let him talk me into implants which was a mistake. I did let him know I did not want my breast to look like WOW and he assured me they would look great. I payed his exorbitant fees and then had my surgery. The day after surgery the WOW factor came out! They were TOO big! I compensated for the swelling and surgery yet, beyond that all I could see is what I said I did not want. Once the bandages where removed one breast was high and the other too low. One breast pointed outwards and the other inward. One breast too large the other too small. I told him I wasn’t happy with the appearance and he went on to say they look great! At any rate he asked me what I seen and I told him the problems I saw with my new breast. He said he could redo the surgery and yes for a nice additional  fee. I was already in deep, money and time wise. I gave him another chance and the outcome was pretty much the same. I did not know what to do but I knew I wanted a different outcome. I thought to myself how did my friends breast turn out well and what happened with mine. I realized you have to have a very good eye to do a breast lift.

This is where Dr Sumer Daiza comes in. I researched and called other surgeons and Dr Daiza was highly recommended through another cosmetic surgeon I had called because he didn’t do breast revisions. I called Dr Daiza’s office for a consultation and spoke with Sebrina her office manager which is amazing. I went in for my consultation with Dr. Daiza and that was all she wrote! She could see my concernsv without me stating the problems. I thought to myself “this lady is amazing! Not only does she have a good eye but she’s competent. I was scheduled for surgery and the outcome is very satisfying! My husband says Im obsessed with my breast, maybe a bit but more impressed than anything. Just wish I could have known about Dr Daiza first hand. Now that you KNOW do not dismiss her if you are looking for a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon that listens, with  great hands and a good eye for what she does this is your surgeon! Thank you Dr Daiza

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