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Tummy Tuck Scottsdale

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is the ideal procedure for people with loose abdominal skin and muscles that are looking for a way to tighten and tone their stomachs. Life events such as dramatic weight loss or pregnancy can leave women and men with loose, hanging skin, drooping muscle tissue, stretch marks, and deposits of belly fat. If you’re experiencing these issues, you may be interested in undergoing abdominoplasty at the Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale performed by Dr. Daiza, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon.

Tummy Tuck

Good Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy and weight gain can cause the muscles of the abdominal wall to stretch apart. The skin of the area stretches to accommodate this. After childbirth or dramatic weight loss, the muscle tissue is left loose and sagging, creating a protuberance in the stomach area. The stretched skin does not snap back to its original size.

A strict exercise regimen and a proper diet will not be enough to repair the connective tissue in the abdominal wall or remove loose skin. To permanently tighten this loose muscle tissue and remove excess skin, an abdominoplasty will be needed.

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The abdominoplasty procedure, also known as the tummy tuck, is a way for your surgeon to solve multiple aesthetic abdominal problems at once. Not only can it reduce fatty tissue with the aid of liposuction, but it can also tighten the loose, drooping muscle tissue of the abdominal wall. It can even trim away sagging skin and erase stretch marks. Together, all of these body-contouring changes can result in a trim, toned, and fit tummy with six-pack abs!

Before and After


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How a Tummy Tuck is Performed

An abdominoplasty can last between one and a half and two hours. After general or local anesthesia is administered – a choice the patient makes with their plastic surgeon during the consultation – an incision will be carefully created using a scalpel. This incision is created in the area between the pubic hairline and the belly button, and it travels from one of the patient’s hip bones to the other. Depending on the desired amount of recontouring, a second incision may be ceated, this one around the patient’s belly button.

Once this access has been given to the plastic surgeon, she is able to suction away excess fatty deposits using a cannula. Internal sutures are used to bring the muscles of the abdominal wall closer together. The excess skin is removed, the remaining skin is stretched tight, and the incision(s) are stitched shut. Temporary drains may be inserted in the area to remove excess blood and fluid.


Dr. Daiza was referred to me by the PCP office, I was amazed at Dr. Daiza’s credentials. Once I met Dr. Daiza she made me comfortable and at ease with my procedure. I went in for a tummy tuck, I went from a size 8 to a size 4. I love my new body thanks to Dr. Daiza.
from Google user Deanna Quigley-Blades


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Recovering from a Tummy Tuck

Recovery from abdominoplasty will require you to rest and take proper care of yourself. Drains and external sutures will be removed during a follow-up appointment. In around a month (or possibly less) from the date of the procedure, you’ll be able to come back to your job. Until then, it’s best to be gentle with the healing tissues in the abdominal area, especially the incision(s). For around six weeks, avoid any physically taxing tasks. You’ll also be dealing with swelling and bruising, which can be reduced with ice packs.

The Mini Tummy Tuck

For those patients in need of less alteration to the abdominal tissues, a mini tuck tummy is available. This procedure focuses primarily on the lower abdomen and will only involve a single incision, a much shorter version of the horizontal one between the pubic hairline and the belly button. Because of the smaller amount of tissue alteration, the recovery time will be shorter.

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck

An endoscopic tummy tuck is also available. This option may be perfect for patients who do not have sagging skin tissue but are dealing with drooping muscle tissue and excess fat. Like the mini tummy tuck, it features a smaller incision than the traditional tummy tuck and requires less downtime.

How Much Does Tummy Tuck Cost?

The overall cost of a tummy tuck is affected by anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery garments, and medications. Price is also impacted by medical tests, surgeon’s fees, and the exact techniques employed. Contact us for more information.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Tummy Tuck

A consultation with Dr. Daiza will help you learn more about the abdominoplasty procedure and your options. To arrange an appointment to see Dr. Daiza, contact our office.

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