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Botox and Dysport Scottsdale

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Diaza of The Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale offers Botox and Dysport injections for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Botox and Dysport treatments are an easy, quick, and relatively comfortable option for facial rejuvenation


Have you noticed small fine wrinkles forming in your skin over time? As we get older, our skin forms these wrinkles as a result of repeated muscle contractions. When we make the same facial expressions over and over again and perform repeated activities like talking and chewing, our muscles bunch and contract, disrupting the smoothness of the skin. 

To resolve these unwanted wrinkles and age lines, many patients come in for injectable treatments. Two popular injectables we offer are Botox and Dysport.


Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators designed to alter the nerve impulses of the injected muscles, eliminating or reducing wrinkles induced by muscle contraction. Both of these injectables are comprised of a different formulation of the same substance: botulinum toxin type A. They work in a similar fashion.

The most common targets are the horizontal frown lines across the forehead as well as the perpendicular frown lines in between the eyebrows. Many patients also rely on Dysport and Botox for issues like nasal squint lines, crow’s feet, vertical neck bands, lipstick lines, and chin wrinkles.

Although both of these injectables work similarly, Dysport diffuses farther from the site of injection, which makes it perfect for correcting crow’s feet. However, if there is one small rogue wrinkle that needs to be targeted, Botox is the better option.

The effects of Botox and Dysport are confined to the zone of injection and don’t affect any of the surrounding areas. By reducing the frequency and intensity of contraction-induced wrinkles, both Botox and Dysport also prevent formation of deeper lines in the long run, making them excellent anti-aging treatments.


Dysport and Botox are safe for use on all skin colors and types. Patients with aesthetic facial issues not severe enough to warrant a facelift are good candidates. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must refrain from using injectables unless they are approved by a qualified plastic surgeon.

I love this woman! She does amazing work. I’ve had a breast augmentation with a lift, tummy tuck, and many fillers, peels and botox. She is amazing. I can never wait to go back. Sabrina is helpful and super sweet! Love these ladies.


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During the course of the treatment, the surgeon will insert a needle into the target muscle for a few seconds. You will feel just a tiny pinch. If your skin is extra-sensitive, then the surgeon will apply ice or a topical anesthetic beforehand. The treatment lasts for 15 minutes, and it’s so quick and convenient that you can get it done during your lunch break.


Unlike surgical procedures, Botox and Dysport do not require a great deal of recovery time. You can resume daily activities only an hour after your treatment. You may experience swelling or redness at the injection site, but only for a few moments. You may also have a little temporary bruising at the site of injection, but it is something that a concealer can easily hide.


You will begin to notice smooth wrinkle-free skin a couple of days after the injection. Dysport shows results slightly sooner than Botox. Once the effects are at their peak, your skin will feel smooth and lifted. The results last for a number of months, at which point the muscle movement will return, followed by the reappearance of the lines and wrinkles, but with much less severity, as the muscle is trained to relax more.


Learn more about Botox and Dysport during a consultation at our office with Dr. Daiza in Scottsdale. There, she will recommend the ideal course of action to help you reach your beauty goals. For a consultation, contact our office.

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