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Breast Implant Removal Scottsdale

At the Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale, plastic surgeon Dr. Daiza offer breast implant removal for women who are experiencing complications with their breast implants or who are no longer happy with their breast implants following breast augmentation.

Why Breast Implant Removal is Performed

A breast implant is a prosthesis inserted into a tissue pocket in the chest to increase the size and projection of the breast. While breast augmentation can be a beneficial and even life-changing procedure, it is important to remember that breast implants will not last a lifetime.

With implants, there is a risk of leakage or rupture. When a saline implant is leaking or has deflated, your breasts may become softer and smaller. When a silicone implant is leaking or has deflated, it can take a little longer to notice the issue.

This is where breast implant removal comes into the picture. Depending on what happened to the original prosthesis, the surgeon will decide if the implant needs to be adjusted or removed entirely.

Should You Be Concerned?

An implant removal does not take more than an hour, and anesthesia is used to avoid any pain or discomfort. A lot of women worry for their safety and recovery period after implant removal. However, they can rest assured that the procedure is completely safe and that there is nothing to worry about.

Dr. Daiza will perform the procedure while you are under a local anesthetic or complete sedation. The anesthesiologist will monitor all your vital signs throughout the procedure.

What Happens After Removal of the Breast Implants?

Once the breast implant is removed, you will be directed to the recovery room. There will be minimal to no pain in most cases, and the incision sites should not bother you thanks to the local anesthetic. You may experience a degree post-operative nausea because of the anesthetic, but the nurses will be able to help you deal with that issue. You will spend around two hours in the recovery room, and all your vital signs will be monitored.

The surgeon will receive regular updates about your physical condition, and you might feel a light pressure on your chest due to the wrap. It might take about a week for the incisions to heal completely. The wrap will stay on during that period in order to ensure that the tissues heal together, and it also helps prevent fluid from accumulating on the implant sites.

Post-Operative Care Directions

Try not to wear tight clothing for the first few days of recovery following your breast implant removal. Make sure to get a lot of rest. You will need to refrain from driving for a few days after you are discharged. During this time, it’s best to have a close family member or friend drive you around.

You may experience minor discomfort at the incision sites for the first few days, and pain medication will be prescribed to help with this. Since the pocket where the breast implant used to be located is not disturbed, the recovery period for implant removal is shorter than that of the primary augmentation procedure. There may be some bruising, swelling, and tenderness around the area following your breast implant removal that will subside over the course of your recovery.

Avoid smoking for the first few days after implant removal to promote faster healing. Dr. Daiza will give you a diet plan and tell you if there are any medications, like iron tablets, that you need to avoid before and after the surgery.

The Cost of Breast Implant Removal Surgery

The cost of your breast implant removal can vary based on several factors like the techniques used to provide the patient with their desired results. During your consultation, Dr. Daiza can answer any questions you may have about the cost of your breast implant removal in Scottsdale. Financing options are available.

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If you are no longer happy with your breast implants or are experiencing issues due to your breast implants, our team at the Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale can provide you with the surgical care you need. Dr. Daiza has years of experience and is highly skilled when it comes to aesthetic and functional surgical procedures. Contact our office to arrange a consultation for your breast implant removal in Scottsdale.

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