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Breast Lift Scottsdale

If a woman’s breasts are sagging, this can be described as breast ptosis. There are three grades of ptosis. Grade I is the mildest form of sagging, Grade II is more moderate, and Grade III is more extreme. The breast lift procedure, also known as the mastopexy, is a method of correcting ptosis.

While a breast augmentation would add volume to the breasts, a breast lift instead removes excess skin to make the breasts perkier and to raise the areolae and nipples.

Before surgery, you and your surgeon will discuss options for incision patterns. These patterns correspond to the patient’s desired breast changes and their skin elasticity.

Grade I ptosis can typically be taken care of with a crescent lift, the most minor of the lift procedures. This involves a crescent line bordering the top of the areola.

Moderate ptosis may require either a donut lift or a lollipop lift. The donut lift involves two concentric circles around the areola. The lollipop lift involves one circle around the areola and two diagonal incisions down and outwards from it.

For the most extreme cases of breast ptosis, an anchor lift may be recommended. With this lift, the incision pattern is keyhole-shaped. The top of the keyhole, located above the current position of the areola, is made in the location the areola will be raised to.

A breast lift procedure can take one to three hours to complete. After general or local anesthesia has been administered, the surgeon will make the incision(s). The surgeon will trim away excess skin. The incision(s) will then be closed with medical stitches.

Once the procedure is complete, you will need to take at least a week off of work while your body heals. Avoid performing any physically taxing activities for at least one month.

It will be necessary to wear a surgical bra in order to give your tissues the support they need as they settle into their new location. You should be able to come in for stitch removal in two to three weeks. Once healing is complete, your breasts will be lifted and perkier.

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